joyride-badlands-cover-300Drive from the ocean to the desert, through the city, mountains, and the desert town of Borrego Springs in Beautiful Badlands, an ebook for Kindle and part of the Joyride Guru series.

The book, which includes a locator map, photos, a link to a Google map, history of the area and activities, ends at Fonts Point for spectacular views of San Diego County’s unique ecosystem.

It’s a challenging drive after leaving urban San Diego County and an all-wheel or four-wheel drive vehicle is recommended for the loose-sand road to Fonts Point.

Part of the new Joyride Guru San Diego County Day Trip series, it’s available on the handy Kindle format for your Kindle tablet or through the app that runs on most smart phones and tablets. The drives all make for perfect San Diego day trips. Get it right now for just $2.99 at the Amazon Kindle store.

It’s Chapter 10 in the print version, Joyrides Around San Diego, so if you’re an Kindle Unlimited member, you can have the drive and directions easily accessible and use Google Maps to navigate. It’s that way now with all chapters in Joyrides.