Thanks so much for the great reviews of Joyrides Around San Diego. Here are some excerpts; many of the video clips are available for full viewing on my YouTube channel.

Jack on KUSI's Good Morning San Diego.
Jack on KUSI’s Good Morning San Diego.

“When I went through this book… it’s very light, it’s very easy to read. You can peruse it very quickly. But also, it gives you some really, really good ideas as far as where to go. You give directions, you give places to stop. … It’s a great little book… everybody should have it.” Jason Austell, KUSI-TV

“Whether you are a parent with kids to distract, a host with guests to entertain or a multi-tasker who just needs to get out of holly-jolly hell, Brandais’ book has a road map for you. Ladies and gentlemen of stressed-out San Diego, time to start your escape engines.” — Karla Peterson, San Diego Union-Tribune

Joyride Guru in Westways Magazine
Joyride Guru in Westways Magazine

“Not sure where to go for your next Sunday drive? Jack Brandais has some ideas. He’s a columnist for the San Diego Union-Tribune who has been writing for years about the kids of back roads that bring smiles to the faces of enthusiasts.” — Paul Zieke, Westways Magazine, Automobile Club of Southern California

“You have all the knowledge of all the hidden gems around the county.” — Renee Cohn, San Diego 6

“…With fuel costs, climate-change concerns and overbooked schedules, American society seems to have put the Sunday drive up on concrete blocks. Jack Brandais wants to revive it. He’s written another book in his Joyride Guru series.” — Ken Stone, Times of San Diego

“These are some places that a lot of people may not know about, even if you’ve lived in the county for years.” — Greg Bledsoe, NBC 7 San Diego

“You know how to explore what’s going on around here in San Diego County.This is like the old days when you used to pack the family up, get the station wagon and go for a day trip someplace, maybe buy the kids some ice cream or Kool Aid or something.” Paul Bloom, Fox 5 San Diego

“You really give us a history, all these nuggets of information on these different stops all throughout San Diego County. … I love this idea, Jack. My husband and I being new to San Diego, we love to take drives. We drove through Del Mar yesterday; this is right up our alley.” — Elizabeth Alvarez, KUSI-TV

KUSI with Dave Stall and Elizabeth Alvarez.
KUSI with Dave Stall and Elizabeth Alvarez.

“Congratulations on 15 years, Jack. And for keeping it safe and sane for our readers on your drive routes.” — Mark Maynard, San Diego Union-Tribune

“He covers all regions of San Diego, and goes into beautiful detail about the ride itself, the turns of the road, the views from the car window. They’re for driving enthusiasts with some time to spare.” — San Diego Jewish Journal