One of my favorite postcards is this view of downtown Oceanside, which doesn’t have a date on it. But, by the cars, looks like the mid-1940s, as there’s a Jeep parked on the right side of the street.

Also, I don’t see a 1947 Studebaker or Kaiser, the first postwar cars that abandoned the big fenders of the 1930s.

Oceanside looks a bit different today, but its downtown still retains some of its old flavor. I haven’t shown this to my pal John Daley, who used to run the 101 Cafe, but he’d tell me if any of the buildings are still standing.Today, U.S. 101 is gone and so is Hill Street… it’s now called Coast Highway.

Check out Quintessential California for a coast drive through Oceanside. ⚙


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