We’re in the middle of a heat wave here in San Diego County, so where to go to cool off? Here are some of my favorite beach drives.

    • Quintessential California: It’s a chapter in Joyrides Around San Diego, this classic drive from Oceanside to Del Mar. Labeled by a local as “one of the three great drives in America,” wait until delivery tomorrow from Amazon or download Joyrides right now on Amazon Kindle and head on out.
    • La Jolla: I’m working on my next newspaper column about beach spots in La Jolla, but you can also take my 2016 cruise up Mt. Soledad for a spectacular beach view and some exploration of the beach area.
    • Mission Bay: This drive from 2007 was taken on a foggy day, but it works when it’s sunny, especially during the week. It’s some of the off-the-beaten-path areas of San Diego’s other bay.
    • Silver Strand and South Bay: The isthmus that encloses San Diego Bay and it’s one of those rare places in the world where you can look at an ocean and a bay at the same time. I’ve written about this in my San Diego Union-Tribune several times; in fact, the second column, published way back in 2000, was about the Strand and the Tijuana River Estuary. From 2008 From 2003 (an update for Weekend Driver San Diego of the 2000 column) • From 2014 (around the estuary and South Bay). • From 2006 A drive along the bay and inland to find sites where the former San Diego Chargers said they wanted to build a stadium.



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