Well, I’ve finally signed up for Myspace and all of you Myspacers (?) can find me at www.myspace.com/weekenddriver. Don’t worry, the website isn’t going away, but in today’s multi format world, you gotta be in Myspace, I’m told. So be my friend.

I have checked out some other folks and found that Beachin’ 101’s John Daley is there. John owns the 101 Cafe in Oceanside and back in ’06, I did a video on the first Beachin’ 101 Cruise, which you’ll find in various locations on the web (check the Highway 101 section of my website).

Well, John has videos posted from the more recent Beachin’ cruises… here’s the one from 2008.

Beach’n 101 Cruise

See you in Myspace? And will you be my friend? Hmmmmmm……..


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