Along Highway 101 in Cardiff.
Along Highway 101 in Cardiff.

Once upon a time, the Great Pacific Highway was built by auto boosters with its starting point in downtown San Diego. Over the decades, it turned into US 101 and then was bypassed by the smooth concrete ribbon that is Interstate 5. The glory of the old coast road was it spent much of its time perched on cliffs or on the edge of the beach, giving drivers in whatever was moving them spectacular views of the Pacific.

You know what? Most of this road is still there. From Oceanside south to Torrey Pines, the old highway is still largely intact. In fact, there are spots where road archaeologists can see a century of pavement. So what’s better for our 30 drives in 30 days than a trip down old Highway 101. Here’s a video from a rolling car show, a woodie show, and Quintessential California, a Kindle book you can use to take the drive on your own.

By the way, in the Beachin’ 101 Cruise video, watch for the street-legal and drivable bumper cars. That video was used in a 2014 edition of American Pickers.


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