A new ad has popped up from the folks at Mercedes-Benz that ends at Pt. Mugu, the frequently-photographed sliced rock on the California coast north of Malibu.

The closing scene was shot at Point Mugu, where I visited back in 2013, shortly after taking delivery on my MINI Cooper S Countryman.

It’s a spectacular scenic location that, as you see from the photo, has a big parking lot to the south, at a perfect location for photos and enough room for a film crew to set up.

That it’s only an hour or so from the movie capital of the world makes it even more popular as a location. The beach, Pacific Coast Highway and rocky cliffs give it plenty of visual character. Just hope your crew sets up on a sunny day; fog doesn’t look good in HD.

To find this rock, split by a highway, head north on California Highway 1 from Santa Monica, or south from U.S. 101 just across the Ventura County line. In my Kindle book, Mulholland, Mountains and Malibu, you’d stay on Highway 1 past Mulholland Highway after taking my twisting route from 101 via Tuna Canyon Road (I just love the name, “Tuna Canyon Road”).

Check out a story on the road from KCET-TV in LA.


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