Here’s an e-mail from another road addict who has much better toys that I have.

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Thanks for the on-line newsletter. I want my book signed too.

I’ve been a fan of your for a while. I’m a car enthusiast first and foremost. Well, not just cars. Anything with wheels or wings. You motivate me to get out and use my gear.

I was born in Detroit and the driving bug hit me early. We like to drive many of the same things as you. My daily driver is a Nissan 350Z roadster, comparable to your Miata (Miata’s won’t carry my golf clubs, except in the front seat). I also off-road in a Jeep Wrangler. Two years ago I got back into motorcycle riding, this time on a Honda ST1300. I leave home in my Lazy Daze motor home, pulling the Jeep. My wife drives a Maxima, the four-door sports car. To get somewhere in a hurry, I fly a 66 Piper Cherokee (wanna get high with me?). I ride bicycles, on and off road, and there’s a golf cart somewhere.

So we could be brothers with different Mothers, we have so much in common.

I like driving so much, I made a career of looking for fault in other drivers, pulling them over, and signing them up for a “violators club”. Made ’em sign documents “not as an admission of guilt, but as a promise to appear at the date and place checked below”. I prayed for a high speed pursuit, just to prove my superior driving skills!!

So I’m a groupie of yours. Don’t let that scare you. Print guys don’t get any feedback, I assume. Not like the talking heads on TV.

But, I admit I get lost a lot on the back roads. So now you offer GPS navigation. I have a unit in EVERY vehicle I own, even the motorcycle and airplane…..I need it just to get home sometimes.

So keep up the work (I have to assume you have a day job, too) in these bad
times. Folks like me look forward to your work. If you need a driver or passenger, or GPS tester, I’m OFF THAT DAY! Or a cup of coffee and conversation. And you have to sign my book.


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Thanks, Bruce, and see you on the road!


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