I recently received this e-mail from a reader that captures what Weekend Driver is all about.

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Dear Jack,

With the economy the way it is, we asked our 3 teenage daughters to think of creative inexpensive ways to give gift this last Christmas.

My oldest daughter Kassi, almost 18 and soon to graduate from High School and head off to college, gave me a “weekend drive” from your book as her present to me. I had purchased your book at the San Diego Mustang Club’s meeting that you spoke at and she knew I was excited about trying out the many adventures within.

She chose Drive #6 Via Japatul and we set off. We ended up eating breakfast at the Casino as we could not find Coyote Canyon Cafe, but otherwise the trip was a very memorable one. The driving was truly great, but as the day comes closer to when my oldest sets off on her own life’s journey, I cherish the time I have with her even more.

Thanks for being a part of that journey.


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Thanks, Scot! And by the way, the Coyote Country Cafe closed not long after the book was published (see the updates on the “About the Book” page). See you on the road!


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