Flagship of Hyundai’s new luxury brand, the Genesis G90 for 2017, is a full-on luxo boat, a full-sized, leather wrapped, powerful vehicle that’s priced $30,000 under its competition.

I took the G90 out for my June 15, 2017 Weekend Driver column over Harmony Grove and Elfin Forest roads in North County and it was comfortable, not only for its luxury, but for its components.

Car Review

In fuel-saving ECO mode, the quick-changing 8-speed automatic transmission was well up to what most drivers would demand. Switching to Sport mode and using the paddle shifters stiffened up the suspension just a bit, while the transmission let the 3.3 liter turbocharged V-6 rev to the driver’s command. Not a sports coupe by any means, but a bit more fun.

The as-tested, base Premium trim level, priced at $68,100 ($70,600 with all-wheel drive), is loaded with leather everything, power everything and most of the expected tech. A 5.0 liter, direct-injection V-8 is available, starting at $69,700, with all-wheel-drive starting at $72,700. A $950 freight charge is added to all vehicles.

The V-6’s EPA mileage is 17 city, 24 highway and 20 overall, which is about what I had during my week of testing. I’d expect better fuel economy for a V-6, but then again it drove like a V-8.

The luxury sedan has some great touches, including the automatic window shades on the rear windows and backlight, just in case you’re transporting a reality TV star or somebody who wants privacy.

It’s been criticized for not having as many techno-gizmos as higher-priced competition. However, today’s car tech is becoming obsolete by tomorrow’s cell phone, so it might not be such a bad thing to make sure the car is still a car.


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