Holy Studebaker… the Forester has Hill Holder.

One of those features going way back to Stude is a gizmo that engages the brake when the clutch is depressed while sitting on a hill. It keeps the car from rolling backward during that frantic takeoff from stop on assent.

Imagine my surprise when I found it in a Subaru Forester, which I recently tested for a week.

My daily commute takes me over Ash Street in downtown San Diego (part of the Bullitt Hills route) and when I started up from the red light at Ninth Avenue… there it was.

Subaru has even trademarked Hill-Holder and written about it in its owner magazine.

For those of us who enjoy stick-shift driving, it’s a nice feature.


  1. I really love my Subaru Forester and use the hill holder all the time here in Seattle.

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