’07 GT Convertible is One Fine Ride On a Cloudy Day

I totally enjoyed my week with a Mustang GT Convertible. If you’ve clicked on the ’68 Mustang ad clip below, you’ve seen how the car was marketed in the years just pastt its ’64-66 heyday, when Ford had not only invented the Pony Car market, but had it to itself.

Car ReviewBy the time this ad was produced, Mustang was facing stiff competition from the Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird. By 1968, it was “the original” and “Only Mustang makes it happen…” Fast forward 40 years and Mustang stands alone. (Of course, since I wrote this review, the Dodge Challenger has returned and the Chevrolet Camaro is just around the corner.)

Sure, there are the imports and plans for revivals of the Camaro and the Dodge Challenger, but the other ponys went out to pasture a few years ago. Only Mustang still chugs along. And it still “makes it happen.”

My sporty GT convertible on loan from Ford was all loaded up, with leather, the big engine and other goodies. As a boulevard cruiser, freeway flyer and even on twisting turns, it was fun. The car’s very comfortable, as long as you’re in the front seat, and visibility was great for me (I’m 6’1″).

Power was instant and it always reminded you it was a Big American V8. The folks at Ford did a great job of tuning the sound so even though this wasn’t some souped-up hot rod, it makes a good rumble-rumble-rumble. The 4.6 liter V-8 even looked good under the hood.

My daily driver is a 1991 Mazda Miata, so I’m used to a small car. For me, the Mustang was huge. It’s not small, filling a parking space almost like a midsize. I’d prefer a bit tighter turning circle, as getting into the parking spot in the tiny underground garage in my condo complex took a couple of minutes of maneuvering.The trunk’s big enough for a good day’s grocery shopping and certainly the back seat is available for storage, something I don’t get in the Miata.

There’s just nothing like driving a convertible every day. With my home base in San Diego, It’s a rare occasion when I put the top up on the Miata, and although it’s really easy to do in a Miata, mine is still a manual top. It was a real pleasure to turn the crank on the windshield header, push a button and presto… the top goes down. Another push and the top’s back up. What an innovation… a power top.

There’s an old saying that folks drive convertibles so others will look at them. I don’t believe that, since I don’t really care if anybody checks me out in the Miata (but the car does look pretty good, you know?). But the Mustang did attract attention. Maybe it was the bright tangerine color. Maybe it’s the successful melding of the retro look, with many second-generation (1967) styling. But it was mostly the stuff in that old TV ad from 1968: “What is it about a Mustang…” End

Watch a vintage Mustang commercial


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