The next Weekend Driver column in the San Diego Union Tribune Wheels Section goes over some San Francisco-style hills in San Diego. It was published October 25.

All in a 2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt edition.

The Bullitt was a blast. Loads of power, comfort, cold a/c and that sound. Ford’s engineers have tuned the 4.6 liter V-8’s sound system to sound like something out of a ’60s speed shop. All right off of the dealership’s lot.

I really like the current generation Mustang. Take a test loop and you’ll find that it’s a real pleasure to drive, even a handful like the Bullitt edition. I drove a GT convertible last year and had just as much fun.

It corners like a roller skate, yet it feels solid like a big car. The Bullitt has a crisp-shifting five-speed manual transmission, with a clutch that is as smooth and easy to use as the one in my old Miata. There are also extra goodies like special Bullitt trim bits, an engine-turned dash facia and sharp leather seats. One down side to the extra trim… the retro, aluminum-ball shift knob gets really hot when the sun hits it.

So watch for the October Weekend Driver column and see where we take the Bullitt.


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