Car ReviewThe 2010 Corvette Grand Sport Convertible was a real blast on an afternoon of cruising. As you might expect, it turns heads wherever you go and my test car, with the Jetstream Blue metallic tintcoat paint just glistened in the Southern California sun.

Corvette at Oceanside.

Allowing quick escape from gawkers is what’s under the hood. In the engine room is the 426hp 6.2 liter LS3 mated to a six-speed automatic with paddle shifters for manual mode. With that much power, it’s made for the track. I could only guess at just how much it could fly as the only time I could (briefly) open it up was merging on to the freeway. With 0-60 times around 4 seconds, it doesn’t take long to merge or blast past the speed limit. The V-8 growl kicks in after a second or two (I was watching the road and didn’t see where the “exhaust note” kicked in.

Handling was as you’d expect from a showcase sports car. On the twists in Rancho Santa Fe, a flick of the wrist took the ’Vette around the curves flat, with barely even a lean from the passengers. It loved the low-speed slaloms around the flat residential back roads of the Ranch and we certainly enjoyed taking it there.

The leather seats were wide and comfortable, yet held my rear on the curves. Yes, this is a car built for the Big American Bottoms who can afford to put a $77k car in the garage and take it out only on special occasions.

And really, it’s a car for Sunday drives or the grand tour. The front fascia is only millimeters from the pavement. In my towns, cracks and potholes are frequent so alertness is required to keep from ripping off the nose of the car. There is space in the trunk for weekend suitcases or a grocery shopping, so it’s not totally impractical.

Corvette snobs have snorted about the Grand Sport being just a cosmetics package to create a car that might sell during the Great Recession. So what. The Grand Sport provides everything that a buyer could want in a Corvette at a base price of about half the tariff of the connoisseur’s ZR1. If it helps put one in the garage next to the Lexus or Cadillac daily driver, so be it.


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