On April 17, I spent the evening at Cruisin’ Grand, the fantastic old car event in Escondido.

The unique thing about the show is that the cars move. Grand Avenue through Escondido’s old downtown is left open, so anyone, no matter what kind of car you have, can cruise down the street. Visitors get to see and hear vintage metal rumbling down the road.

Anyone can drive down Grand, so the Miata and I were able to participate, even though the show is open only to ’73 and earlier. Cars are parked along the street, as well as a couple of sidestreets that are closed off. Here are some photos.

A customed Studebaker truck and a Toyota Supra jockey for the lead at 15 mph down Grand Avenue.

Pristine ’63 Studebaker Avanti was the culmination of more than a century of vehicle production by the the old South Bend company.

A ’59 Pontiac shows off the first year of the “Wide Track” and split grille look, along with its super-high-output engine.

A ’63 Chrysler 300 shows off Virgil Exner’s last design for the Highland Park automaker, along with a few added goodies by its owner.

Current custodian shows off prime condition of a Sting Ray… is it a ’63 or ’64?

What is it? A Willys Aero from the first year, 1952.

Well-preserved former car dealer at Kalmia and Grand shows off a variety of models. Building is typical of dealers in the early post-World War II period.


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