Some folks are a bit uncomfortable being the lone car on a lonely road, but there’s an easy way to pick up a group.

Go to a car show or a car-club meeting and ask when the club’s doing a tour.

I’ve always found that folks in marque-specific and general car clubs to be very friendly, even if your ride is a ’13 Hyundai rather than a ’53 Hudson. Many clubs have monthly tours; even if you’re in the back with the Hyundai, it’s a spectacular, fun ride to watch all those classic cars lined up on a classic road.

San Diego’s a place with year-round car activity. My editor at the San Diego Union-Tribune, Mark Maynard, maintains a terrific car calendar. Visit a show or club meeting and make friends.

Many of the clubs are kid friendly and welcome enthusiasts about their particular marque, whether or not you have a classic car. They understand that not everybody can own a classic.

Take the trip.


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