What fun “cruising around” with the legendary Paul Bloom on the Fox 5 San Diego Morning News today, where I was talking about the new Joyride Guru series for Amazon Kindle.

A bit of TV trickery thanks to talent coordinator Aida Soria… the Miata was parked in front of a big green screen in the Fox 5 parking lot (the famous Mega Map was rolled up), hence we were both squinting in the morning sun. The background was some sort of European driving video; the effect was pretty good, though, as closeups had the video blurred out as if it was an analog closeup. Wow, those newfangled computer things are pretty neat.

Thanks again to Fox 5 Morning News for having me on! And the Miata, too… it looks pretty good for being almost 25 and having almost 193,000 miles. Let’s do it again!!!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow, Monday, June 8, at 8:50 a.m. on Fox 5 San Diego where I’ll be talking all about the new Joyride Guru Kindle books; tune in here in San Diego or watch live streaming.

The plan is to do something with my 1991 Mazda Miata, which I’ll be washing and polishing today for its big TV appearance. BTW, the car has been on TV before, playing a part in my 2004 KGTV-10 series that promoted my earlier book, Weekend Driver San Diego. We won’t be driving anywhere tomorrow, but I’m sure it will still look much better on TV than than me.

It will be my second time on TV plugging the new series of books. I hope viewers enjoy it.

And here’s another BTW, if you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, the books are free! So go download, take the drive and write a review.


If you’re at the San Diego International Auto Show on Saturday, be sure to stop by and say hi. I’ll be at the UT San Diego booth with auto editor Mark Maynard from 10-1. Lots of cool cars and trucks, including some pretty big and exciting Ram trucks and Camp Jeep is back for rides. Hope to see you there!