Jay Leno’s Garage has a neat feature on the 25th year of Mazda Miata production. Interviews with designer Tom Matano and contributor Bob Hall, great guys that not only brought out the world’s most popular sports car but loved hanging out with us owners back in the early days.

My Mariner Blue ’91 is semi-retired but I just drove it yesterday. Still a blast. 192,000 miles and still looks great and runs fun.

In the first online exclusive column, High on Highland, we take a cruise up and over the hills around Ramona, Poway and Rancho Bernardo.

There’s a long story on this column but taking a Honda Civic Si four-door over the thrilling Highland Valley Road is something not to be missed. The first new, exclusive column at weekenddriver.com is now online.

Oh, and by the way, it’s also part of the route of the AMGEN Tour of California, with the race headed over Highland Valley Road on Sunday, Feb. 21. Drive it next weekend!

Well, I got some good news this week from Mark Maynard, the automotive editor of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The newspaper is still considering whether to continue the Weekend Driver column in the Saturday Wheels section. As you all know, it’s tough times these days for newspapers, so if they’re still thinking about it, that’s great. And as I blogged recently, I’m willing to cut Mark and the paper as much slack as they need.

So a change in the road map of upcoming stories. If the rain lets up this weekend, I’ll be redriving a column that never ran from 2007 — Highland Valley Road — and updating it for posting as promised on Feb. 20. More on the saga of Highland Valley Road later. I’ll give the newspaper first dibs on the Grapevine Canyon off-road story.

So stay tuned.