On April 17, it will be 50 years since the Mustang was introduced at the New York World’s Fair. I’ve been lucky enough to have a couple of Mustangs to test for Weekend Driver over the years; the two columns are featured on my website’s home page.The 1965 Ford Mustang fastback on display outside the Ford Pavilion at the New York World’s Fair during its debut on April 17, 1964. Courtesy Ford Motor Co.

CBS Sunday Morning featured a short piece on the anniversary on today’s show, including a clip from the original TV commercial (dig those threads).

My favorite Mustang commercial of all time is this one from 1968; check out the older guy who drives off with… a high school chic? It’s a long commercial, something we don’t see anymore, but it just hits what the marketing was for the original car — not a muscle car, but something that everybody could afford and have some fun.

Happy Birthday, Mustang!


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