Join me on a heart-pounding stretch of twisting pavement this Sunday in the San Diego Union-Tribune as I take a Subaru BRZ on twisting roads from the San Pasqual Valley to Ramona and back.

One of my favorite routes, I drive over Bandy Canyon and Highland Valley roads that kink and curve over the mountain ridges, then back over the beautiful state Highway 78.

My ride for the day is a Subaru BRZ, its version of the historic joint effort with Toyota to develop a pocket racer available at your local dealer. It was a blast. Perhaps for Father’s Day, you can convince one of the local Subaru or Scion (it’s the Scion FRS, too) to let Pop have an extended test drive.

This is one San Diego day trip that could be your last, so please take it easy on the highway and drive very carefully.

The Sunday paper’s less than most people pay for a cup of coffee these days and look for the story inside the Offers section, adjacent to the ads for our local fine car dealers.

And by the way, this marks 15 years that I’ve been writing the Weekend Driver column for the Union-Tribune. Thanks to all you readers and Auto Editor Mark Maynard for the opportunity to share my favorite roads and cars with all of you!


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