I’m on the road this week with a sharp Volkswagen Beetle Dune, putting together “Weekend Driver” column 109 for the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Today I’m checking out Lindo Lake Park in Lakeside, where the county’s Parks and Recreation Department is holding festivities for National Public Lands Day.

First impressions of the Dune? A fun trim and option package that adds to an already fun car. The Beetle is one of the cars out there that breaks from the pack… no brick-on-wheels here. And underneath it’s a VW Golf, meaning it’s fun to drive and economical to run.

I had a VW Beetle TDI last year for my Union-Tribune column… just before all the mess broke about the car’s computer faking emissions tests. Aside from that, the Beetle was fun then and the Dune—a hardtop this time—fits right in. And it runs on gasoline.


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