Let’s face it, lots of Dads like to drive. Why not let Dad take you on the twisting, turning, beautiful drive smack in the middle of San Diego County, around Ramona?

Where can you find the route for such a fun day? In today’s San Diego Union-Tribune, of course. It’s the latest Weekend Driver column, located on page S-12, inside the Offers section of the paper today, June 21, 2015, Father’s Day. At $2.50, it can be less than one of those lattes that Dad loves so much, and you can probably pick up a paper with the latte.

I developed my love for exploring back roads as a kid, riding around in the back seat while my Dad drove us around on the very roads that I’ve been writing about for the Union-Tribune since 2000. Today’s San Diego day trip is in an area he loved to explore, around Ramona and the Wild Animal Park. He emigrated to the US from France after losing his family during World War II. His goal was to make it to Southern California, and I’m glad he did.

And I think he’d have had a blast driving the Subaru BRZ that I tested on this trip; however, there’s not much room in the back seat.

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there and hope you enjoy your journey.


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