I’m dusting off an old column that never ran… “High on Highland,” which I put together back in September 2007. A month after I took the drive in an ’08 four-door Honda Civic Si, much of the area burned up in that year’s big brush fire. There were a couple of fatalities and it just didn’t seem right to send you through the area on a happy day trip.

But, more than a year has passed and I’m heading out later today to re-drive the route and update it for posting Friday on weekenddriver.com.

Honda’s put together an amazing package with the Si. A real sports racer, possibly the best of the pocket rockets, that still gets 21/29 mileage. It’s comfortable for commutes, has the Civic’s great arc styling and comfort. I only had the car for a couple of days, but really enjoyed it. All the fun of my ’91 Miata with good comfort for commuting, although the a/c had trouble keeping up with the over 100ºf outside temps when I did the Highland drive.

The car fit like a glove, with room for my 6-1 frame. Back seat room was tight, but of course this is a subcompact. Interior trim was techno but not confusing for a fuddy-duddy like me.

As I drive Highland today, I’ll be in the Miata, which is old enough to have voted in the last election. And while it will be a blast, but it would have been fun to take the Civic through the paces again. Be sure to to tune to your Weekend Driver channel Friday for the updated “High on Highland” and find out how they’ve recovered from the fire.


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