It’s the latest Weekend Driver column in print and online at UT San Diego: Keeping Focus/Sporty ST Hatchback Keeps Up on a North County Mountain Road. I take one of the hottest of the hot hatchbacks on the market today and put it through the curves on one of the twistiest routes you’ll find anywhere in San Diego County.

The route runs from the Deer Park Auto Museum and Winery, just north of Lawrence Welk Village (itself north of Escondido, just off of I-15) up the hill to Valley Center, then north over scary-good Couser Canyon Road. We end up with a reward at Nessy Burger at I-15 and Pala Road.

Be careful on this one, no matter what you’re driving. Nasty, nasty curves. No shoulder. Cliffs going up on one side of the road and down on the other.

But have a good on one of the best San Diego day trips. Go to Keeping Focus┬╗


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