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I have a Corvette and I love taking the top off and taking your “Road Trips”. I have taken almost all of the ones… but I lost one of the articles from the UT!

You had a road trip that went off of the 76 towards Fallbrook, and went by a cool stream on part of the Indian Reservation. Is there any way you could get me this info so I can also take that road trip?

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Ralph, that’s probably Wilderness Gardens County Park, which is just east of the Pala Casino on SR-76. It might even have water in it this time of year (spring), since we’ve had close to average rainfall. It’s part of Drive 9 in Weekend Driver San Diego and included on this video I did with Channel 10.

Another place with a cool stream is Black Canyon Road, but I wouldn’t take the Corvette there since it’s all dirt. Black Canyon Road is Drive 7 in Weekend Driver San Diego; I’m revisiting it later this month in the next column, which will be posted April 20. So, if you have an SUV in the garage next to that Corvette, give it some exercise on an easy dirt road.


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