Great news! After taking a few months off, the San Diego Union-Tribune is going to start running Weekend Driver again in the Saturday Wheels section!!! Frankly, I never thought this would happen, but column No. 75 is done and waiting for publication with auto editor Mark Maynard.

I don’t know when it’s going to run yet, but it’s a fun trip up to Julian with my cousin from Sweden, Sofia, and three of her friends. They’re in San Diego this fall going to San Diego State and I wanted to show them that this little corner of the US is a lot more than just a city.

We stopped in at a new-for-me cafe, ate pie, and cruised around in the ultimate Blingmobile, a Chrysler 300c. Thanks much to Chrysler for supplying the car, since five folks can’t fit in the Miata.

The Chrysler was great; I’ll have some comments on it in the future. But for now, watch this space and your Saturday Wheels section for a brand new Weekend Driver.



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