Well, I’m off to far-off Orange County in the Hyundai Genesis to map out the next Weekend Driver for the San Diego Union-Tribune. I’m hoping there won’t be too much traffic out there, even though Father’s Day will be a great day for dad to hop on the Harley and cruise some of, what I’m told, the best twisty roads in Southern California.

Along the way, I’ll check out the notorious (at least for San Diego county surfers and naturalists) state Route 241, one of Orange County’s toll roads that now ends at Oso Parkway. The Realtors — I mean the good citizens that run Orange County — want to connect it with I-5 at San Onofre, wiping out a few little things like the natural canyon that feeds the Trestles surf spot.

I’m also going to stop in for lunch at Cook’s Corner, one of the classic road houses in America. Looks like a fun route.

So far, the Genesis has been pretty cool … lots of power, great handling, very comfy and classy. Stay tuned.


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