Caught a rerun of the PBS show “Ride Along the Lincoln Highway” last night. What a great show. Lots of history, folks and even a bit of food. In case you haven’t heard of it, the Lincoln Highway was one of the first coast-to-coast highways, promoted by, among others, car company execs when it was first mapped out back in 1913. I’ve driven a bit of the road in California, Nevada, Utah, Iowa and Indiana.

The documentary, first aired in October 2008, has great stories of the road and does a great job of mixing history and today’s life on the highway. It moves right along and the hour goes by much faster than traffic flows on the two-lane span. I recommend it. A good website includes clips from the documentary.

If you’re inspired by the Lincoln Highway and in San Diego County, check out the paths of the three old US highways that ended here and my stories about them: 80, 101 and 395.

US 80 is the best road in San Diego County to do some of the exploring that folks do along places like the Lincoln Highway and Route 66.

And gee… why isn’t there a link to the US 395 story? Just realized… it’s no longer online! It ran on Oct. 25, 2003. When you’ve had 72 columns published, sometimes you lose track. So, don’t despair… I’ll be posting a US 395 section soon. In the meantime, check out these stories that go near or on old 395: Doing DeLuz and Pala Pathways.

See you on the road!


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