Olympic Training CenterHere’s a horrible choice… whether to take this Saturday’s brand new Weekend Driver in the UT San Diego or a classic drive from 2006?

Well, that depends on a few things.

  • Plenty of time? Head to the desert, where Saturday’s drive hits the sand, in search of the remains of an old railroad station in the desert.
  • Four-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive and high ground clearance? Desert it is. The desert trek goes over sand and a short stretch of rocky trail.
  • Not enough time to drive to the desert? South Bay offers beautiful vistas, some interesting roads and and a few beautiful views.

Back in 2006, this was called the Charger Cruise, because at the time the team was considering sites in the South Bay. With the recent discussions about downtown, dusting off the old trip puts it in an interesting historical perspective. You’ll cruise by the giant salt mountain, check out some hidden bayside parks, the U.S. Olympic Training Center and find out what’s great about living in the south part of the county.

So, pick up UT San Diego on Saturday to read the newest Weekend Driver and head to the desert. Or read it during your lunch stop along the South Bay Wander.


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