Here’s one of the most popular Weekend Driver trips, Finding Lost Valley, from back in March 2008. It’s a great drive in the mountains northeast of Lake Henshaw over a dirt trail and some pretty good rocks. It was really beautiful when I took the drive, with flowers blooming in the mountains and valleys.

I also stopped in at the Santa Ysabel Casino, sort of a low-key place but they did have a good lunch. On the way up, you’ll pass Dudley’s Bakery, so pick up some goodies. Finally, you’re up for more casino action, come back over SR-76 and you’ll pass a bunch.

I did take a four-wheel-drive vehicle on this trip, the last generation Hyundai Tucson. I’d advise it, as the roads were pretty rutted and rocky when I took it back in ’08.

One of the most beautiful spots was right across from the Warner Springs Airport, a valley with a carpet of gold. Check it out and I hope you enjoy Finding Lost Valley.


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