Teeing off on a course along today's route.

I always figured I had enough problems without learning how to golf. But, they’re really pretty places to drive by, and in the area around Valley Center in northern San Diego county there are five — count ’em, five — courses along some great, twisting roads. It’s Golfing Through the Dene, this week’s Weekend Driver Classic from 2006.

One other thing about golf courses: They always have a 19th hole, a restaurant or café that usually has pretty good food.

By the way, one update… Just north of Lawrence Welk Village is the Deer Park Auto Museum. I’ve heard it’s open again; the family had closed it for several years after the death of collector Bob Knapp. I don’t know if the Barbie collection is still there.

So enjoy this drive on a July 4th weekend. Take the clubs if you have room in the sports car; here’s an excuse to take the Duesenberg out because, after all, it has that golf bag compartment. See you on the road.


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