Trust me… you’ll need a real 4×4 for this one. A few years ago, I took the right turn from the Pine Valley turnoff along Interstate 8 east of San Diego and took Bear Valley Road. It’s an extremely rugged road which runs into very beautiful canyons and peaks of the Bear Valley Off Highway Vehicle Area.

Stretching six miles south and east from the location, Bear Valley is easily found on the map. If you haven’t been to Pine Valley, look east on I-8, which generally follows a pretty straight line east from Alpine. Where I-8 makes a curve south, that’s Bear Valley.

Venturing south from the Pine Valley Road exit, what you’ll find is an unspoiled relic of Southern California before sprawl. A wide-open nature area that can test the most rugged of suspension systems on your vehicle, whether it be motorcycle, ATV or 4×4. The story also includes a quick review of the Nissan Frontier pickup.

So, enjoy Bear of a Road.


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