Curves, Curves in North County

  • From January 2010

The very common question came from a reader at the San Diego International Auto Show: “How long does it you take to research your drives? How do you find those roads?”

The answer? The road’s just up ahead, around the corner. Get behind the wheel and drive.

This drive is typical of roads that can be found just around the corner. Take, for example, West Lilac Road. This column has been over the stretch between Valley Center and Old Highway 395, a thrilling, twisting turn through the hills. But what’s west of the old highway? Happily, it’s more of the same.

Head out this weekend on roads in a part of San Diego County you’ve probably driven by a thousand times, but never stopped to look. It’s our Trip For This Weekend, Twisting and Horsing Around Bonsall. Have a great time.


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