The Jacumba Hills and Coast and Ranch are the latest updated trips on the Weekend Driver website. I’ve gone back into the archives and pulled out my original story and photographs on these two adventures at opposite sides of San Diego County, creating new pages on the website. Keep checking back for their GPS routings as well. Just part of creating a bigger, better experience for you at

Jacumba Hills heads onto the really rocky trails in the lunar-like landscape around Jacumba, in the southeastern corner of San Diego County. It’s a beautiful area, known for its stark vistas and pink terrain. Best of all, I took the drive in a Nissan Murano, testing just how tough an everyday SUV is on the trail.

Coast and Ranch is a much easier drive, from the beach at Cardiff to the exclusive Rancho Santa Fe, one of America’s wealthiest zip codes. Along the way are plenty of places to stop and hike, eat and shop, as well as some fun, twisting roads.

Check ’em out!


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