From reader Mike at the Corcoran Ranch about last Sunday’s Union-Tribune story on Mussey Grade Road and a tip on a winery.

Hi, Jack,

Sorry you missed San Vicente Reservoir, but glad you got back to Mussey Grade Road, the overlook, and Dos Picos Park after a decade. They haven’t changed much, except for Dos Picos having to replace many of the insect-damaged old oaks. A shame.

I wrote to you awhile back re: your Highland Valley Rd. article (my favorite local motorcycle loop). Mussey Grade is my favorite motorcycle test road (with a dozen, or so,
vintage Japanese classics to care for and exercise).

About half way to the overlook is Mahogany Mountain vineyards and winery, run by the family of an old work friend (before my retirement).

It’s usually open on weekends for wine tasting, as are most of the other award winning Ramona Valley wineries. Hmmm, sounds like another tour opportunity, although your automotive review might need to be of the tour bus…



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