Flowers are still blooming in the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and my newest San Diego Union-Tribune Weekend Driver column takes you there in a 2017 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk.

Published today in print and online, you’ll come along on a trip to the south end of the park, off of Interstate 8, that takes the easier route on the freeway, then up through the town of Ocotillo.

According to reports from the State Park and others, there are still flowers in the area, even though it’s getting a bit late in the season. The route — over public, unpaved roads — is a drive that was well suited for the Jeep Cherokee. With full 4-wheel-drive, it didn’t have any problem on the sandy road.

There was a comment posted on the online story this morning, which is good advice.

I just want to clarify “off roading” to readers of this article. If the author means “off paved roads”, we’re good. In Anza Borrego Desert State Park “off-roading” is not allowed. Visitors need to stay on established roads….they may be rough dirt tracks that require 4 wheel drive….but nevertheless, they are roads. Please don’t take this article as permission to drive across the desert or down an untracked wash. Severe damage occurs and it’s against the law. I get plenty of challenge for my Toyota Tacoma with Off Road package on the rough roads in the park. Head next door to Ocotillo Wells Off Road Park for true “off roading”…

All the roads — paved or not — in the Weekend Driver column are public roads. As the comment said, please stay on these well-marked trails.

There are two other drives on public trails in my book, Joyrides Around San Diego. With temperatures expected in the mid-80s, be sure to check it out and have a great trip!


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