Hard to believe, but in almost 17 years of doing the “Weekend Driver” column for the San Diego Union-Tribune, I’ve never done a story about taking a snow trip.

Until now.

Today’s column, in print and online, is all about heading out and finding snow in the mountains, which I did a few weeks ago when a foot or so dumped on Mount Laguna. The timing was just right… the Subaru Forester on test arrived about 11 a.m. I headed east from downtown San Diego for Pine Valley and Mount Laguna, arriving after a quick lunch stop around 1 p.m. A great adventure for a San Diego day trip.

Complications set in. The were only a few, small patches of snow in Pine Valley. Mount Laguna had a foot of snow, according to the always-reliable Laguna Mountain Lodge Facebook page, but nobody got up the mountain without tire chains, and I didn’t have tire chains.

So I headed east on snow-free I-8 for an isolated canyon with a paved road. And found snow.

And, right on schedule, there’s snow in the mountains predicted for this weekend, just in time for everybody to read about my secret snow spot. How about them apples?

Check out the story; buy the paper if you can. Or, check out the online version; if you opt for online, do me a favor and leave a comment on the paper’s website. In this day of online social media, the paper loves it when there are comments. And if they love the comments, they’ll love me and keep paying me (a little bit) to write it.


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