One of those great little spots has closed. Our webmaster Geoff came back from lunch the other day and said the European Deli, on Park Boulevard north of Polk.

Although the name was “European,” it was a Greek cafe, probably because a Greek woman named Sophie ran the place. She seemed to know all the customers and on my last visit, a couple of weeks ago, even remembered me, even though I hadn’t been in for months. I usually had the Gyros salad with no olives. I don’t like olives and she’d always complain that I should have them, that they were the healthiest thing in the salad.

Sophie had sold the place a year or so ago, but seemed to always still be there. She didn’t say anything about closing when I visited; if so, I’d have eaten there every day until the end.

Something else is going in; I wish them luck, but we’ll all miss the European Deli.


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