Yes, San Diego did have a record rainfall yesterday, in fact it was the wettest July day in history. But today is another day and time to hit the road for some exploration.

Here’s a good place to start… a little-known car museum and winery just north of Escondido, the Deer Park Winery and Auto Museum. And there are some terrific roads just north, as you’ll find in my Crazy Couser book for Kindle.

Helms Bakery truck at the Deer Park Auto Museum.

Pictured is a hugely rare vehicle that greets visitors. It’s a hugely rare Helms Bakery Truck which anyone who grew up in Southern California up to the 1970s will recognize. I think this is a Twin Coach (maybe a Divco?) from the 1930s; a fully restored model sold for $74,250 in 2012.

The rest of the collection just as interesting and includes mostly convertibles from the 1950s, but also a number of significant cars from the ’30s and ’60s. It’s worth the trip.

And I’d grab a copy of Crazy Couser for just $2.99, as it will take you on a thrilling ride north of Deer Park through some hills that will be very green today. It doesn’t take much rain to green up our valleys and it should be beautiful in the western hills of Valley Center for the next couple of weeks. You’ll love the drive. Trust me.


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