Well, I spent a fun weekend doing a few adjustments to Weekend Driver. Those of you that are regular visitors know that most of the newspaper columns are in “frames” on the page… you actually see the page from the newspaper website.

I’m in the process of putting the original columns, as I wrote them, on the website, and got a few done this weekend. They’re part of the expanded Drives Online section. Check it out.

Second, for a bit more than a year, I’ve been putting together GPS data to go with the drives, which have been available for free. Well, they’re no longer free… they’re just $1.99 to download. Look for the image of Saturn (the planet, not the car), then follow the link to Geovative’s website. They can magically take GPS coordinates and create files for most of the portable systems on the market. For the nearly 5,000 folks who have downloaded trips, I hope $1.99 isn’t too much to pay for a great day on the road.


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