Forget driving to Route 66.

The well-preserved former U.S. 80 in eastern San Diego County has all the charms of driving on an old country highway. Generally devoid of traffic, it has gentle curves with spectacular vistas in terrain ranging from high desert to mountain pines to California coastal hills. Desert View Tower is a must-see that isn’t like anything on Route 66.

And the freeway you take to get there isn’t bad, either.

Towering Old Highway Cover
Old Highway 80 drive.

This Joyride Guru San Diego Day Trip is Chapter 1 in Joyrides Around San Diego in print, and in the stand-alone book on Amazon Kindle, Towering Old Highway, available for just $2.99 for your Kindle, or Kindle-app equipped smartphone and pad.

The drive takes you from the classic Desert View Tower on the Imperial County line just as Interstate 8 drops into the desert, to the Flinn Springs County Park. The route was once the near-western end of one of America’s earliest transcontinental highways; the other end is on the Atlantic coast in Georgia.

It’s a route that will help you discover small communities such as Jacumba, Boulevard, Pine Valley, Descanso and more. The start of the drive is just over an hour from central San Diego via Interstate 8. San Diego residents or visitors can make this a day trip.

As with all of the Joyride Guru e-books, it includes turn-by-turn directions, locator maps to get you there and back even though cell-data service is spotty along the route. Links to websites give you more information on the drive and there’s also a Google map link. This is the seventh book in the series.

It’s Chapter 1 in the print version, Joyrides Around San Diego, so if you’re an Kindle Unlimited member, you can have the drive and directions easily accessible and use Google Maps to navigate. It’s that way now with all chapters in Joyrides.

Old Highway 80 video

Find out what you’ll see on this classic road.


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