If you’re in town early for the 2016 Comic-Con, consider taking a trip away from the Con and do some ecotourism just a short drive from the Convention Center.

Head up to Descanso in San Diego’s mountains, about 45 minutes east over Interstate 8, exiting at Highway 79 exit. If you’d like to really get out of the crowds of humans and experience some wide-open spaces, check out my Curves, Dirt and Cuyamaca book on Kindle.

You’ll experience a great drive over a public, unpaved road up to the Pine Hills “suburb” of the old gold-rush town of Julian, around Lake Cuyamaca, then down Highway 79 and back to Descanso.

If you’re just looking for something a bit more simple, take the western end of Towering Old Highway over old U.S. 80 to Pine Valley, or simply just follow the roads.

The crush of humans at the Comic-Con can be overwhelming; this San Diego day trip will charge your batteries in advance.


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