Today’s football game between the University of New Hampshire and San Diego State University has a special meaning for me… I’m an alum of both schools.

A San Diego native attending San Diego State, I was fortunate to get into the exchange program then running with the University of New Hampshire. It was my last semester of my senior year, and it was a great experience.

UNH is located in Durham, a quaint college town if there ever is one. And the difference between Southern California and New England is pretty striking.

I had a chance to do some driving in the area during the Spring 1980 semester, as well as a brief time when I worked at a nearby daily newspaper, Foster’s Daily Democrat, in 1981.

The drive from I-95 in Portsmouth is still mostly a wonderful rural highway; I just took it on Google Streetview. Head up the Spaulding Turnpike, exit at US 4 and follow the signs into Durham. It will go over and adjacent to rivers we don’t have in Southern California, through the trees and by quaint New England buildings.

I haven’t been back there is probably 20 years, but it’s on my travel short list. So, welcome Wildcats. I’ll be rooting for the Aztecs, but hope you all have a great time.


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