Nissan Symrna factoryAfter doing nothing on day 2 except driving around Nashville in the rain and light snow, I headed out on Day 3 to the NissanPlant in Smyrna, Tenn. I was lucky enough to have a personal tour by the PR director, who took me around the mile-long plant that makes the Xterra, Frontier and Altima.

If you’re never been in an auto plant, put it on your list of things. This was the second tour I’ve taken (also been to Ford’s Dearborn Truck Plant). Smyrna does everything from stamping sheet steel into body parts to final assembly.

Nothing says “auto factory” like stamping and body assembly. Stamping takes sheets of cold rolled steel and huge machine presses stamp the flat sheets into doors, fenders, structural pieces and roofs. The huge machine we watched is encased in an apartment sized building that reduces the noise, so all you hear is a muffled clank and feel the floor shaking.

At body assembly, sparks fly as robots put the pieces together into a carcass of a car… sort of the reverse of boning a chicken.

After, I went to Nissan’s HQ in downtown Nashville to meet with the press fleet and technology folks to talk about the future of GPS devices in cars.

All in all, a great day.


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