After (thankfully) a nonstop flight from San Diego to Nashville, I found myself in Music City at dinner time. And just across the road from my hotel was a true Tennesee landmark, the Nashville outpost of Neely’s Bar-Be-Que.

I’d seen a piece on the restaurant on the Food Network and couldn’t pass up giving it a try. My pulled pork dinner (small, just $9.50) was everything advertised. The tender pork would have melted in my mouth, except for the generous covering of a tasty sauce with just enough bite to make itself known. It’s not a sweet sauce, so it really complimented the pork and didn’t cover up the taste. MMMmmmmm good.

My two sides were the cole slaw and the bar-b-que spaghetti. First, the slaw. While I can enjoy a traditional, mayo-based slaw, this seemed to be of the vinegar-based variety. This was second only to what my sister used to make, just edging out the slaw served by Kansas City Barbecue in San Diego.

Now, onto the bar-b-que spaghetti. Yes, you heard right. Regular spaghetti with a barbecue beef sauce… Neely’s regular bbq sauce with chunks of beef. A wonderful and unique mix.

I’m here only a few hours and Neely’s has made the trip worth it. Unfortunately, it’s pouring rain and I haven’t been able to walk off the dinner, so dessert will have to be a couple of fruit-flavored Tums. Tomorrow, rain and snow is in the forecast. Stay tuned.


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