Here’s another of what the website Tenfirst has on its list of the 10 best scenic drives in California, the Rim-of-the-World Highway, which runs north from San Bernardino up into the San Bernardino Mountains to the mountain communities, including Crest, Blue Jay and Lake Arrowhead.

According to the Rim of the World Historical Society, the road opened in 1915, a 101-mile loop from San Bernardino up and through the mountains. Today, it connects to the towns of Crestline, Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear, down to Redlands and back to San Bernardino.

For my trip, I took only the western end, from the valley up to Lake Arrowhead and back, with a loop around Lake Arrowhead and a look-see at Crestline, about a 61-mile round trip. Enjoy!


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