Bullitt on Laurel Street.

When picking a drive, why not get your inspiration by what’s on TV tonight? Last night, it was the chef Alton Brown’s road-trip series Feasting on Asphalt, the second season that goes up the Mississippi River. Their cruise through Iowa reminded me of a great drive I once took through the middle of nowhere in Iowa.

Tonight I’m watching a documentary on Steve McQueen, so here’s a drive around San Diego I took a few years back in a 2008 Ford Mustang Bullitt Edition. San Diego is no San Francisco, but we do have some pretty serious hills, particularly Cortez Hill, which is dissected by Ash Street. I took the Bullitt Mustang over Ash and, a bit further north, Laurel streets at legal speeds. But for you movie makers out there, either one would make a fantastic location for a classic car chase. We’re talking airborne autos and ocean views.

On this drive you’ll also see some of the city’s oldest neighborhoods and get a quick visit to a landmark watering hole. Enjoy A Bullitt in the Hills.


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