The 60th anniversary of the signing of the Federal Highway Act of 1956—the one that established our interstate highway system—passed last week.

The Washington Post has a swell story talking about the massive change in American society that this act created. Just imagine taking the old Coast Highway to Los Angeles today; it’s a great old road for a cool San Diego day trips, but it’s not the route for express travel.

The Post reporter found the Reddit user that created an animated GIF of all the routes.

Given San Diego’s location in the southwest corner of the nation, three of the lowest-numbered Interstates all begin here: I-5, I-8 and I-15. The only other low-number Interstates are: I-2 in Texas; I-4, Florida; I-10, which begins in Santa Monica and runs across country; and I-12 in Louisiana.

Somewhere I read that there was a big fight about putting I-10 into Los Angeles, rather than San Diego, but that’s for another day.


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