Welcom to Mammoth Lakes
Whoa… what’s happening at Mammoth?

Ever been skiing, hiking or camping at Mammoth Mountain in California’s Sierras? Mammoth is roughly on the east side of the mountains from Yosemite and is an active seismic area. It’s an active seismic area that has lots of small earthquakes. Some geologists think it might blow again one of these days.

So here’s a driving tour of the area that the Mammoth folks have put together through the geologic highlights of the area. For those of you flatlanders out there, areas with volcanic activity in the last 1-1,000,000 years generally have pretty fun roads. It’s been a few years since I’ve been through there, via US 395, and even more years since I’ve strapped on a pair of skis.

But here’s one of your 30 roads in 30 days, Mammoth Geology Day Trip.


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