On the Palms to Pines Highway
On the Palms to Pines Highway.

Hopefully you won’t go flying off the highway as Jimmy Durante’s ’57 Ford Fairlane did in the 1963 epic comedy road picture It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World (did I get the right number of mads in there?).

There are movie locations on highways all over Southern California, but this 3-hour, 12-minute movie shares its all-star cast of classic comedians and actors with some classic highways. And one of those you can still drive in pretty much the same shape that it was in 1963 is the Palms to Pines Highway, California Highway 74. Access it from Palm Springs and you’ll be following the route that director Stanley Kramer, the cast and crew used in the early scenes of the movie. Watch a documentary on the making of the film.

The drive might be toasty this time of year, but it’s worth cranking up the a/c. Enjoy Palms to Pines.


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